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Thumba became well-known to the out-siders after the establishment of Thumba Equatorial Rocket Launching Station (TERLS), which was the first of that kind in India. TERLS is located in St. Thomas Veli. It was started in 1962, at Pallithura & Veli in the district of Trivandrum on the southern tip of India very close to earth's magnetic equator to launch sounding rockets. Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam (who went on to become President of Indian Republic) was amongst the initial team of rocket engineers. The first sounding rocket, Nike-Apache, was launched rocket on 21 Nov 1963. The Rohini Sounding Rocket (RSR) program to develop indigenously developed and fabricated sounding rockets launched the first single-stage Rohini (RH-75) rocket (32 kg rocket with 7 kg payload to ~10 km altitude) in 1967, followed by a two-stage Rohini rocket (100 kg payload to over 320 km altitude). Apart from Indian payload, sounding rockets from many other countries (including USA, Russia, Japan, France, Germany) were also launched from Thumba, as part of mutual international collaboration. TERLS developed infrastructure for all aspects of rocketry, ranging from rocket design, rocket propellant, rocket motor casting, integration, payload-assembly, testing, evaluation besides building subsystems like payload housing and jettisonable nose cone. Fiber Reinforced Plastics composite materials for nosecone were used in early programs at TERLS.

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The major monsoon systems of the world consist of the West African and Asia-Australian monsoons. The inclusion of the North and South American monsoons with incomplete wind reversal may be debated.

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