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 L-gulonolactone oxidase

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MessageSujet: L-gulonolactone oxidase   L-gulonolactone oxidase Icon_minitimeMer 9 Mar - 13:56

The loss of activity of the gene for L-gulonolactone oxidase (GULO) has occurred separately in the history of several species. The loss of this enzyme activity is responsible for the inability of guinea pigs to enzymatically synthesize vitamin C, but this event happened independently of the loss in the haplorrhini suborder of primates, including humans. The remains of this non-functional gene with many mutations, is however still present in the genome of the guinea pigs and in humans.[4] The function of GULO appears to have been lost several times, and possibly re-acquired, in several lines of passerine birds, where ability to make vitamin C varies from species to species. In addition, GULO activity has also been lost in all types of bats, regardless of diet.[5]

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MessageSujet: Re: L-gulonolactone oxidase   L-gulonolactone oxidase Icon_minitimeJeu 18 Aoû - 18:50

The agency has given Brazil a leading role in space in South America, and has made Brazil a valuable and dependable partner for cooperation in the International Space Station.[3]

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L-gulonolactone oxidase
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